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The Winter Thaw

I recently attended a job in Northfield, Birmingham on a Kawasaki ZX6, see pictures below. I fitted a Bridgestone S20 180 55 17 Hypersport onto the bike.

Jeff, whos ZX6 it was, was a very experienced rider, having raced sidecars and bikes a few years ago so he knew his stuff.

While chatting he told me that he had been out on bike the previous week, over to Wales while having no heated items of clothing. I asked him about being cold while riding but he said that the temperature was mild as in 11 degrees or so, and was bright and sunny.

Hopefully, this could be the beginning of the end to the cold winter then, so I too will be able to venture out on my newly purchased Triumph Sprint St1050.

Strole on !

Nice Bike !

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