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Understanding Your Tyres

Tyre Sizes


Selecting the correct tyre size is the most important part of purchasing a replacement.

The size is shown on the sidewall of the tyre in the same way as in the illustration below.

When you look at your own bike tyres there will be a similar size displayed on your sidewall. From the above image the size displayed is 190 50 17 W.

The front and rear tyres will be different sizes so you will have to look at the exact one that you need replacing, or both.

Tyre Brands

Choosing which brand tyre to buy is a personal selection. Factors to consider are what style of riding you do,mileage,  budget, expert reviews, past experience and what manufactures recommend or supply on your bike.

A general rule is that you will get better performance from a branded tyres i.e. better grip, feel, mileage. Most of the tyre brands are displayed on home page.