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An Indian In Burton On Trent

The Bridgestone H50's I fitted onto the Indian Scout, as in pictures below were not the easiest of tyres to get my hands on. I had to end up ordering them from Germany, there were other tyres the same size but the load index on the tyres listed for the Indian Scout are higher than normal so not as simple as you would think.

Fitting the tyres was alot easier though with only the one slight problem, american build bikes tends to have the occasional odd size nut, allen screw, which on the Indian Scout is the front axle nut. This is a 16mm hex allen bolt, which i didnt have. So we made a makeshift key using some hex steel bar ground down to fit. I have now ordered a 16mm allen socket, which i will never probably use again but it always there just in case as you never know when it will come in handy.

The valves on the wheels were threaded with a nut at the bottom, which made me believe there were tubes fitted, but when i broke the bead there was no tubes and the valves were of the narrow screw in type.

Very nice bike though as you can see from the pictures below.

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