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Fitting Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors

Its been a while since ive fitted any of these so i thought i would put a quick blog on how I fit them. I went to one of my Blackcircles jobs that was in Stourbridge, West Midlands, to fit a couple of 185/55V16 Pirelli tyres onto a Honda Jazz.

The protectors work well as in stopping scuffs on your alloys, but they can be a little awkward to fit. So you fit the new tyre as normal, but before you inflate it insert the rim protector onto the wheel rim. Try and hold it in place by pinching the 2 ends together. Now inflate the tyre so it pops onto the bead. Very rarely the rim protector stays in place so let all the air back out of the tyre. Now gently tap the protector into place using a plastic hammer. Inflate the tyre and this will keep everything in place. Ive added some photos to help explain.

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