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A quick shuffle

Replaced vertical SIP compressor with new Wolf V twin. The air now gets up to pressure fast so no waiting around. The added bonus is that its created more room so Ive spun the tyre machine around so its alot more user friendly in there now. Only downside is that maybe i will get a little wet when it rains. Time will tell, on the whole though im very happy with it :)

Finally had chance to remove the vertical SIP compressor and have now installed a Wolf V twin compressor, this is very fast and theres no waiting around for pressure to build up so it was well worth the investment.

Also this has given me chance to have a little shifty, so ive rotated the tyre mache round so its not square but this gives me alot more room, especially when doing 4 x 4 wheels. The whole van now feels alot more usuable than before ! :)

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