He aint heavy !

Fitted six Continental 225/65R16 Vanco onto this Fiat Ducato campervan in Lichfield. Put my air jack under the chassis to lift it and i emptied the compressor air totally but that wasnt enough to lift this monster of a van. Luckily the customer had a trolley jack, so combined with my air jack I managed to get it off the ground. I reckon this is the heaviest thing ive had to jack up in my 20 years experience as Ive never done commercial fitting. Happy to say after much sweatin

Two jobs in one !

These are the kind of jobs I love. Customer wants 2 tyres on their Honda CRV and 1 tyre on their Triumph T595. This means i can get 2 jobs done in half the time and reducing fuel costs. As you can see from pictures i used an air jack for removing the wheels on the CRV, these are alot lighter than trolley jacks so hopefully I wont pull my back out lifting this in and out of van :) The bike only had a single swing arm so my centre paddock stand came in very useful today. I used